About Aaron

Who we are ?

Aaron is a leading Creator and Builder of State of Art LED Lighting Luminaires for Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Lighting solutions. 

Aaronlights pvt ltd

AaronLights Private Limited

Founded in 2010 Aaron lights focuses on design and manufacturing of indigeneous lighting products. Aaron designs are developed to suit the harsh electrical environment in the South East Asian region thus enabling the customer to enjoy the long life benifits of led technology. Aaron has provided OEM Solutions to multiple brands in India and successfully manufactured volumes. which are deployed at customer sites for more than 3 Years. Our end to end solution approach from concept to execution gives us the unchallenged opportunity to serve our customers to their lighting vision.

      Aaron has developed a number of proprietary tools and approaches.which includes Light Planning tools, Thermal management tools,Latest Electronics, Design & Manufacturing technology, ERP and CRM solutions. Our extensive experience, high quality products and use of modern technologies empower Aaron to deliver lighting solutions for all kind of lighting requirements.

Aaron's philosophy and vision is to position ourselves as a modern company with firm belief in trending with the latest in design and technology with sensitivity towards the protection of environment.Aaron emphasises on its ability to be felxible to customer needs and aspirations.


In house research and development for LED Lighting and Renewable Energy combined with the vast experience in Mechnical, thermal and Ele ctronics engineering Design and manufacturing positions Aaron to deliver the latest in LED Lighting.The company's end to end approach with professional process management helps it to be flexible and deliver any lighting vision.

Research and Development